This wiki is designed as a repository of work completed and a space for ongoing collaboration among the members of the SASLC project.
The wiki is designed with two levels of access in mind:1) At the most open level, certain pages are available to the general public: the Home page, History of the Project, Published Entries, and information pages about future entries, fascicles, etc.2) Members and contributors of SASLC can join the wiki to gain permissions to view all content. Joining the wiki as a SASLC contributor allows access to certain members-only pages, such as Entries Under Review and Fascicles Planning & Discussion. Members are also able to discuss content using discussion threads, which appear at the bottom of every page of the wiki.
If you are a contributing member of the SASLC project, create a Wikispaces account to access this site, and your wiki membership request will be sent to the moderator. When you create an account, please use your first and last name, a brief bio indicating who you are in your profile, and a contact email address; failure to do so will result in rejection of your membership request.
If you are interested in becoming a contributing member of the SASLC project, please contact a member of the Editorial Board.
These pages represent the published work of SASLC. Among them are the standard list of Reference Works and Abbreviations and a Guide for Readers (by Frederick M. Biggs) that are appended to each published volume.
The Published Entries page (public) is a repository for completed, peer-reviewed entries available to the public. It includes two types of publications:1) Print fascicles, comprised of entries collected together thematically; as well as reference works previously published for the project. Content for all print fascicles (published by Amsterdam University Press) will remain under an embargo for a certain length of time while they remain in print and available for purchase. After a print run embargo has been lifted, the content will be made available to the public open access.2) A list of all other entries published directly online, alphabetized by author and then works, with links to individual pages including entries' contents. This list will expand as the project continues.
The Entries Under Review page (members-only) is a repository for contributors' submissions that need to be peer-reviewed, edited, and made ready for publication (on the wiki or in print). As entries are submitted to the Editors, they will be uploaded to this page, which will act as a clearing house for content ready to edit but not ready for publication. Members have access to this page so that they may help in the reviewing process--reading entries and offering suggestions for changes before entries have been fully edited and published. Once entries have been reviewed and edited, they will be removed from the review stage and added to the Published Entries page.
Pages about Fascicles in Progress and Projected Entries & Fascicles are spaces for providing information about what is in progress at any given moment.

For Contributors
Under the "For Contributors" section, SASLC members may find information and resources about contributing to the project. Resources include a page about how to go about writing an entry; as well as administrative records like the minutes of each annual meeting. The Fascicles Planning & Discussion page is a dedicated space where contributors (members) can pitch ideas about future fascicles, which can then be vetted and discussed; this is also be a place for contributors to find common interests and team up with each other--and for contributors proposing fascicles to gauge interest from other potential collaborators. We hope that this will be a page with a lively discussion thread.
Site License and Disclaimers
This wiki is meant as a public page for the SASLC project to share the fruits of its labors. All public content is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license, and anyone is able to access and use the public content under those terms. However, content available to members only is sensitive content, for the use of the project team only. Be aware that these are often draft, pre-print, and not publicly available forms of scholarship; they should not be cited or disseminated without the express permission of individual contributors. If you have any questions about the wiki, feel free to email Brandon W. Hawk.