Accounts of the origins and aims of the Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture project can be found in the various prefaces and forewords to published SASLC volumes. See Paul E. Szarmach, "Foreword," Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture: A Trial Version, ed. Frederick M. Biggs, Thomas D. Hill, and Paul E. Szarmach (Binghamton, 1990), pp. vii–xiii; and in the same volume, Thomas D. Hill, "Introduction," pp. xv–xxix; and Frederick M. Biggs, "Guide for Readers," pp. xxxi–xli.

In the early 1980s, James Cross approached Paul Szarmach and Tom Hill to create (as Szarmach related in the "Foreword to Trial Version) "a collaborative project that aims to produce a reference work summarizing current scholarship concerning the knowledge and use of literary sources in Anglo-Saxon England. Departing from J. D. A. Ogilvy's Books Known to the English, 597–1066 and incorporating more recent scholarship, ...[SASLC] will include contributions from specialists in the various sub-fields of Old English studies."

Over the years, the project has evolved to incorporate more members, to publish several print volumes and related resources, as well as, more recently, to move toward digital dissemination of contributions.

Publications related to SASLC have included the following:

Symposium on the Sources of Anglo-Saxon Culture
Sources of Anglo-Saxon Culture, ed. Paul E. Szarmach, with the assistance of Virginia Darrow Oggins, Studies in Medieval Culture 20 (Kalamazoo, 1986) [Essays presented at the 18th ICMS, Kalamazoo, MI, 1983]

Entries (samples and main series)
Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture: A Trial Version, ed. Frederick M. Biggs, Thomas D. Hill, and Paul E. Szarmach, with the assistance of Karen Hammond, Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies 74 (Binghamton, 1990)

Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture, Volume 1: Abbo of Fleury, Abbo of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and Acta Sanctorum, ed. Frederick M. Biggs, Thomas D. Hill, Paul E. Szarmach, and E. Gordon Whatley, with the assistance of Deborah A. Oosterhouse (Kalamazoo, 2001)

Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture: The Apocrypha, ed. Frederick M. Biggs, Instrumenta Anglistica Mediaevalia 1 (Kalamazoo, 2007)

Old English Newsletter Subsidia
The Liturgical Books of Anglo-Saxon England, ed. Richard W. Pfaff, Old English Newsletter Subsidia 23 (Kalamazoo, 1995)

Ambrose in Anglo-Saxon England, with Pseudo-Ambrose and Ambrosiaster, ed. Dabney Anderson Bankert, Jessica Wegmann, and Charles D. Wright, Old English Newsletter Subsidia 25 (Kalamazoo, 1997)

Pamphlets compiled for use with Fontes Anglo-Saxonici and SASLC
Michael Lapidge, Abbreviations for Sources and Specifications of Standard Editions for Sources (Binghamton, 1988)

Janet Bately, Anonymous Old English Homilies: A Preliminary Bibliography of Source Studies (Binghamton, 1993)