Welcome to an evolving online space for the Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture project.


The Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture is a longstanding project to map the sources that influenced the literary culture of Anglo-Saxon England. It aims at a comprehensive, descriptive list of all authors and works known in Britain between c. 500 and c. 1100 CE. SASLC has been re-envisioned for a digital world. Originally conceived of as a traditional encyclopedic resource, with entries published from A to Z, the potential of the multi-media environment provided by Amsterdam University Press has freed SASLC from the tyranny of the alphabet.

You are using an online facility available to the community of scholars who work on the sources of Anglo-Saxon literary culture to share ideas and work related to our common interest.

Outcomes of SASLC will also include 1) published material available in printed form, in individual fascicles or grouped fascicles for major single-author entries such as Bede, or thematically related entries; and 2) an online database to allow the free, public dissemination of all finished entries in a form that anyone can use.

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Events and News

Coming soon: Publication of George Hardin Brown and Frederick M. Biggs, Bede, Part 2: Fascicles 1-4 (Amsterdam, forthcoming 2017).

May 11, 2017: Official launch of the wiki at the 2017 Business Meeting for the Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture, 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI.

April, 2017: Publication of George Hardin Brown and Frederick M. Biggs, Bede, Part 1: Fascicles 1-4 (Amsterdam, 2017).

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