Minutes of the Thursday, May 10, 2018
Business Meeting
Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture
53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies

Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, MI

In attendance: [Please inform us of any missing names.] Fred Biggs, Stephanie Clark, Jill Hamilton Clements, Kees Dekker, Jill Fitzgerald, Dave Johnson, Shannon Godlove, Brandon Hawk, Tom Hill, Stephen Hopkins, Johanna Kramer, Kevin Kritsch, Kate Norcross, Christine Rauer, Amity Reading, Sharon Rowley, Larry Swain, Christopher Vaccaro, Ben Weber, Miranda Wilcox, Kelly Williams, and Charlie Wright.

I. The Meeting was called to order at 8:30am by Fred Biggs.

II. The Minutes of the 2017 Meeting were approved.

III. Congratulations were extended to members of the group for achievements outside of the project. Three new books deserve special mention: Stephanie Clark has published Compelling God: Theories of Prayer in Anglo-Saxon England with University of Toronto P (2018); Brandon Hawk’s Preaching Apocrypha in Anglo-Saxon England is soon forthcoming from the University of Toronto P (July 2018); and Amity Reading has published Reading the Anglo-Saxon Self Through the Vercelli Book with Peter Lang Publishing (2018). Ben Weber is now a tenure-track assistant professor at Wheaton College (Chicago) and Tom Hall has accepted a 5-year funded position working on homilies at the University of Göttingen. Charlie Wright has retired from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

IV. Project developments were discussed.

A. Fred announced past and future changes to the Editorial Board. First, the composition of the board has now expanded to include seven members: Fred Biggs, Stephanie Clark, Claudia Di Sciacca, Brandon Hawk, Christine Rauer, Ben Weber, and Charlie Wright.

B. As of summer 2019, Fred and Charlie will step aside as co-directors. Stephanie Clark will begin her term leading the project. Title (tbd) and term limits for the role were discussed, and it was agreed that terms would be for 3 years, with the possibility of renewal.

C. Brandon will continue in his role of directing our online presence. Fred will take responsibility of setting up the database by completing this work on Bede. Charlie will continue to oversee the the publication of briefer entries online.

D. Fred announced that Bede volume 2 will be published this summer, including a comprehensive index for both volumes on Bede, bringing those entries to completion. Copies will be mailed to all in attendance as soon as they are published.

E. Brandon gave a report on the website, mainly focused on plans to migrate to a new platform. Wikispaces has announced the end of its service, meaning that SASLC will need to find a new possibility for its online presence. Since the Wikispaces site was always intended as a temporary space, with plans to construct a more robust, long-term platform in the future, the shuttering of Wikispaces presents a moment to move forward with those plans. Brandon has been working with Erin Dailey (at Amsterdam UP) to work on the details. In the meantime, the raw data for the entries already available or submitted (Word files and pdfs) have been backed up in multiple online repositories. In order to keep the SASLC project from losing its online presence and “going dark” (as Charlie Wright said) during the transition, these files will be made available in a repository that will be open to the public; Brandon discussed Github as the likeliest possibility.

V. Fred summarized the status of the planned published volumes under development at present:

A. Benedict, by Stephanie Clark, Shannon Godlove, Jeffrey Love, Amity Reading, and Fred Biggs, is under contract and will be the next volume published.

B. Laws, originally written by Patrick Wormald, is being heavily revised and expanded by Stefan Jurasinski, and is now under contract.

C. The voluming including Pseudo-Bede (by Brandon Hawk), the Old English Bede (by Bre Leake and Sharon Rowley), and entries for Acca (by Charlie Wright) will be revised for publication this year.

D. Other volumes currently in preparation include:
Ambrose/Ambrosiaster (by Charlie Wright)
Prayers (by Stephanie Clark)
Creeds (by Miranda Wilcox)
Apocrypha (revised by Brandon Hawk)
Augustine (by Ben Weber et al.)
Cotton-Corpus Legendary
Boniface et al.
Other ideas were discussed for future development

VI. Under the direction of Ben Weber, the group decided to propose two sessions for next year’s Congress, one on Anglo-Saxon Laws and the other on Benedict of Nursia.

VII. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Written by Brandon Hawk