Minutes of the Thursday, May 12th, 2016
Business Meeting
Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture

51st International Congress on Medieval Studies
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI

In attendance:
Fred Biggs, Rolf Bremmer, Stephane Clark, Jill Clements, Jill Fitzgerald, Simon Forde, Shannon Godlove, Rae Grabowski, Steve Harris, Brandon Hawk, Tom Hill, Dave Johnson, Johanna Kramer, Bre Leake, Christopher Scheirer, Matt Spears, Larry Swain, Paul Szarmach, Paul Vinhage, Ben Weber, Victoria Kent Worth, and Charlie Wright.

I. The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by Fred Biggs.

II. The minutes of the 2015 meeting were approved.

III. Biggs reported having received regrets from Erin T. Daley. He took the opportunity to recall all that Daley had done during the year in support of the project. The committee voted unanimously to thank Daley for his outstanding work.

IV. Biggs proposed adding Brandon Hawk to the Administrative Committee, which consists of Charlie Wright and Stephanie Clark. He explained that Hawk would be willing to assume responsibility for the digital aspects of SASLC. The committee unanimously approved this change.

V. Biggs summarized the year’s progress:

a. Caleb Molstad has set up a Wiki for the project.
b. A general agreement was reached between AUP and the Administrative Committee that authors would prepare spread sheets in Excel that would serve as the basis for the online SASLC.
c. Volume 1 of Bede has been edited by Ruth Kennedy. Biggs is checking proof.
d. Volume 2 of Bede was submitted on 1 March 2016.
e. Benedict has been completed by the authors.
f. Pseudo-Bede has been completed by Hawk.
g. The Old English Bede has been completed by Sharon Rowley and Bre Leake.
h. Charlie Wright reported that he has new information entered into the Ambrose and Pseudo Ambrose entries.

VI. Simon Forde assessed SASLC’s progress from the perspective of AUP.

a. He noted that if there had to be a moment when the editors fell behind in completing fascicles on time, it was better that it had occurred at the start.
b. He stressed that it was essential that we remain on schedule in the future.
c. He reviewed the lengths of the fascicles currently being edited: Bede 1 (114,000 words), Bede 2 (105,000), Benedict (25,000), Pseudo Bede and the OE Bede (50,000)
d. He stressed that Benedict would need to be submitted on 1 July; and Pseudo Bede and the Old English Bede on 1 November.
e. He stated that if these deadlines were met, the volumes would constitute the work of the first 3 years of the project. Ambrose would constitute the work of year 4.

VII. The committee agreed with Forde’s assessment and deadlines.

VIII. Charlie Wright introduced a plan for getting short entries already in hand up on the Wiki.

a. He offered to draft a form letter that will be sent to all contributors of completed entries informing them that we will upload their work on a particular date. They will be asked if they would like to revise and, if so, given a date to make changes. If not, the administrative committee will assign the task of bringing these entries up to date to willing experts.
b. Hawk will take charge of organizing the structure of the Wiki.

IX. Attention turned to suggestions for new fascicles.

a. Shannon Godlove and Dave Johnson will organize a fascicle for Boniface and his friends.
b. Jill Hamilton Clements and Jill Fitzgerald will organize a fascicle on Alfred/Asser and his circle.
c. Ben Weber offered a plan to restart the entries on Augustine. After some discussion, it was agreed that he would remain in contact with Biggs over the summer to map out a first fascicle.
d. Stephen Harris offered to work on an entry for classical authors a few years down the line. Chris Scheirer will be part of the planning, editing, and writing of this volume.
e. Hawk suggested that someone update Wormald’s law entry and work to create “bundles” to be published together from the existing C entries.
f. Hawk will organize a fascicle on Isidore and Pseudo Isidore.

X. Biggs reported briefly on our unsuccessful NEH grant application from 2014 and the decision not to reapply last year. We will not apply for it this year. Members of the committee, however, stressed that with the good progress this year and the potential for more next year, we should be in a much better position to be successful in seeking support in the future. In the meantime, we should use ever opportunity to apply for funding within our universities and outside of them for particular entries and parts of the project.

XI. SASLC at Kalamazoo.

a. The committee thanked Weber for organizing this year’s session on the “Afterlife of Bede,” which includes papers by Bre Leake, Chris Scheirer, and Sharon Rowley.
b. The session next year will be on Alfred/Asser and his circle.
c. Weber will also propose an publishers’ roundtable on Bede and Benedict.

XII. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

(written by Bre Leake and revised by Fred Biggs)