Minutes of the Thursday, May 14th, 2015
Business Meeting
Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture

50th International Congress on Medieval Studies
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI

In attendance:
Frederick Biggs, Rolf Bremmer, Michelle Brooks, Stephanie Clark, Jill Clements, Erin Dailey, Megan Gilge, Shannon Godlove, Rae Grabowski, Stephen Harris, Brandon Hawk, Thomas Hill, Melissa Hudasko, David Johnson, Johanna Kramer, Caleb Molstad, Matt Spears, Larry Swain, Paul Szarmach, Ben Weber, and Victoria Worth, with regrets from Charles D. Wright.

Fred Biggs (presider) called the meeting to order at 8:30 am.

  1. I. Minutes of the 2014 meeting were distributed, along with an agenda. The minutes were approved.

II. Report by Biggs on administrative changes

  1. a. Brandon Hawk has received a tenure-track position at Rhode Island College, with emphasis on Digital Humanities and Medieval Studies, allowing him to focus on the Digital Research Center and transitioning to the new model for SASLC.
  2. b. Simon Forde is now in positions at both Amsterdam UP and Medieval Institute Publications. Erin Dailey reported that he will hold both positions, and expressed the hope for increased cooperation between the two presses for future publications.
  3. c. Mike Twomey and Joe Wittig have retired from SASLC. Their many years of service on the project were warmly acknowledged.

III. NEH Digital Start-Up Grant

a. Biggs reported that our application was not successful. We will reapply this fall.

b. Biggs encouraged all members of the project to stay alert for sources of funding the Digital Research Center.

IV. A Temporary platform for SASLC

  1. a. Dailey clarified some of his views as representative of Amsterdam UP. While digital publication is getting easier and potentially cheaper, a robust platform to host SASLC needs more development. He suggested, however, that in the meantime we consider a temporary platform that would allow us to publish completed entries online and to edit entries in a collaborative workspace. To do so, he proposed integrating a Wiki with Scholar-Works
  2. b. He expressed his belief that such a platform could be constructed in six weeks.
  3. c. In the general discussion that followed, a general strategy emerged:

1. Scholar-Works will be used to publish completed entries as PDFs.
2. Scholar-Works will host tools such as the master list of entries.
3. Scholar-Works will house administrative records.
4. The Wiki will provide authors of entries a place to discuss work in progress.
5. Other options include integration with blog(s)

  1. d. We will acquire the domain SASLC.org from Steve Harris to host this integrated platform.
  2. e. Several advantages of this strategy were noted:

1. It will allow us to offer authors the timely publication of completed work.
2. It will bring SASLC to the attention of a wider audience.
3. It will allow us to explore the requirements of a robust site before committing to a particular design.
4. It will play an important role in applying for funding for the robust site.

f. The site will be constructed by Caleb Molstad in consultation with Biggs, Dailey, Clark, Hawk, and Wright.
g. The committee approved this plan.

V. Print Publications

  1. a. Volume 1 of Bede will be submitted by the end of May. It includes the histories, educational works, and poetry (to be published by the end of 2015).
  2. b. Volume 2 of Bede will be submitted in the fall of 2015.
  3. c. Pseudo-Bede (by Hawk) is projected as the follow-up, as it is drafted and ready for readers and revision.
  4. d. Sharon Rowley will complete Old English Bede.
  5. e. Charles Wright is at work on entries for Ambrose.
  6. f. Wright has also been in touch and working with Tom Hall on compiling, revising, and editing remaining C entries.
  7. g. Entries on Caesarius of Arles and the Cotton-Corpus Homiliary are under way.
  8. h. Stephanie Clark has proposed a fascicle on prayers, since she has identified around 1,000 items in this category; she has all of the material at hand, including all of the incipits.
  9. i. Wright and Patrizia Lendinara are arranging to have revise Patrick Wormald’s entries on Law revised.
  10. j. Biggs suggested that others interested in pulling material together should suggest other fascicles and groupings, and contributors should continue working on entries to develop a pool of material that may be submitted to Amsterdam UP in the future.

VII. SASLC at Kalamazoo 2016

Ben Weber offered to organize again for 2016, noting that SASLC had sessions at the 2015 Congress, with a total of seven presenters. He proposed two sessions for 2016:
1) A general, open session
2) A special topic session.
After some discussion, it was decided that the special topic session would focus on the Afterlife of Bede, and would be used as a way to promote and generate interest in the Bede and Pseudo-Bede volumes.

  1. VII. Other Business

a. Paul Szarmach announced the future launch of the Pembroke 25 transcription project.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am.

Minutes submitted by Brandon W. Hawk, May 15, 2015; revised by Frederick M. Biggs, May 16, 2015.